Maximizing CEUs for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants

Most healthcare professionals are very proficient at their jobs but do not have the resources or time to go digging into continuing education requirements. Typically, one might consider attending a weekend conference to obtain some remaining CEU credits, or simply do a quick Google search to find an online course to “get them out of the way”. But, why waste time taking courses that aren’t interesting or useful in your practice? Here are three tips to getting the most of our your CEUs.

1) We recommend getting familiar with your state’s renewal requirements. CEU requirements vary state to state, so check your state licensing board before planning your courses or refer to our handy resource guide to state requirements for PT license renewals. In Florida, for example, PTs and PTAs renew biennially on November 30th in odd years and require 24 contact hours within a two-year licensure period for PTs and PTAs. A one-hour HIV/AIDS course is required for the first license renewal. Two hours on prevention of medical errors must be taken every renewal period with no more than 12 hours can be from home-study. (For more information, you can visit the Florida Board of Physical Therapy). Learn more about your specific state’s requirements and fulfill those requirements needed to keep your license in good standing.

2) Purchase only state-approved courses offering the CEUs or contact hours you need. 100% of our courses at SimpleCEUs are state-approved by the respective boards for credit. Click on your state to find PT courses:

3.) Try to Select CEUs that help you advance and improve your areas of practice. Maybe a refresher on core areas or an interesting and unique course like our Animal Assisted Therapy courses. Whatever you choose, select state-approved online courses that save you time and money.

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